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V/A - 'John Peel's Dandelion Records' (DVD)

"The legendary UK radio broadcaster John Peel started his own record label along with business partner Clive Selwood in 1969. ....some of the musicians who were fortunate enough to be on John Peel’s Dandelion label and filmed their performances and listened to their stories. This DVD is a just over six hours long. Featuring the following : One of Kevin Coyne's last concerts and his only full reunion with his Siren Dandelion bandmates in 30 years. Stack Waddy’s 2007 reunion studio / rehearsals and hilarious interviews with all four band members. Medicine Head - John Fiddler concert performances. Bridget St John - interview and concert footage. Tractor- previously unreleased 70's footage and recent rehearsals and concert outtakes and all about Dandelion studios Rochdale and Tractor sound studios...." More on 'pre-order'. Released November 17th

Intro incl John Peel :12 minutes
Kevin Coyne and Siren 1:08
Dave Clague talks on Kevin Coyne and Siren :38 mins
Med Head/ John fiddler 1 36
Gene Vincent :4 mins
Stack Waddy playing and talking incl Sheila Ravenscroft:30 mins
Bridget St John interview and gig excerpt :30 mins
Tractor :50 mins
Tractor interview and Dandelion and Tractor studios :23 mins
Principle Edwards :5 mins
Bill Oddie 6 mins

around 6 hours long includes 16 page dvd book on Dandelion Records artists in this dvd

About Dandelion Records

John Peel in a 1992 interview talking about why he started the Dandelion Records label said:
"The impetus for the label came from a desire to record Bridget St. John, for no other reason than because she was a friend and I liked the stuff she did"

Dandelion Records was a British record label started in 1969 by the British DJ John Peel as a way to get the music he liked onto record. It is said to have been named after one of Peel's hamsters.

One LP was by the ageing Gene Vincent, with a cast of musicians including members of The Byrds and Steppenwolf. Others were by younger or noncommercial artists, including Beau, Bridget St John, Medicine Head, Clifford T. Ward, David Bedford, Lol Coxhill, Stackwaddy, Tractor, and Kevin Coyne/Siren.

The only record ever to make the UK charts was the single "(And the) Pictures in the Sky" by Medicine Head, which reached no. 21 in 1971. Beau's "1917 Revolution" made No. 1 in the Lebanon in 1969. Had Dandelion not turned down Roxy Music that same year, the story might well have been different.

Dandelion Records were distributed by, successively, CBS Records, Warner Brothers Records and Polydor. By the time the label folded in late 1972, it had issued about a dozen singles and two dozen albums. Several releases attracted a cult audience but never quite crossed into the mainstream, although one of the last singles, Clifford T. Ward's 'Coathanger', from his debut album 'Singer Songwriter', attracted a certain amount of airplay on Radio 1. As Peel himself told Record Collector in 1994, 'when you can't afford full-page ads in the music press, artists become very resentful...there's no faster way of losing friends.'

One of the most curious albums issued by the label was a sampler, 'There Is Some Fun Going Forward'. The sleeve featured a photo of Peel in the bath with a naked (or at least visibly topless, woman).

Most Dandelion recordings have been reissued on vinyl and/or CD, most notably in the mid '90s by See For Miles Records. The Dandelion records by Tractor and The Way We Live were reissued in the 2000s by Ozit Morpheus Records.